nexon cash generator

Nexon Cash Generator

How to Generate Nexon Cash Codes

This Nexon Cash Code/NX Code generator was the easiest to make out of them all! You can now get Free NX Codes/Free Karma Coins with it, and as many as you want! There were some issues getting the program to generate the codes on time if you selected more than a $25 Karma Koins card. But, I believe that the issue has been fixed. If not, please notify me and I will correct it.

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How to Use

  1. To use this Nexon Cash Code generator you need to first select the game that you play. From here you enter however much Nexon Cash you want. Note: do not be greedy and try to generate more than a few codes as it will most likely freeze and be subject to review by the site administrators.There is also a $100 limit imposed per day.
  2. From here, enter your username and ensure all your information is correct. Again, be sure not to hit generate more than a few times! From here, click generate and wait a few seconds for the request to process. It may take longer the higher the amount of Nexon Cash you request. However, it should not take longer than 10 seconds.
  3. Once you’ve received your code you should be credited the amount in your NX account. You can verify this by logging in.

I know that Nexon already allows you to get Free Nexon Codes, however you have to do a countless number of surveys to get any sufficient amount of points. It is not worth it unless you just have so much free time and do not care to do anything else. If this is the case, then props to you. Otherwise, this generator will definitely come in handy for you and your friends.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our generators and to make things work as much as possible. Since Nexon will change their algorithm just like any other company will, the generator will work for only so long. Thus, you must not get upset. Simply notify me and I will look into making a new bot that will overcome this issue. Check this site every once in a while for updated bots, too. I will be making as many as I can for a myriad of accounts. One that I will start doing next is Runescape, which should be done in a few days.

Leave your comments below if you enjoyed this NX Code generator! Be sure to share this page with your friends and game on!

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