Microsoft Points Generator

Microsoft Points Generator

Generate Free Microsoft Points

Microsoft Points, Xbox LIVE Points, Xbox LIVE Codes, Microsoft Codes, etc–despite their different names, they are all the same thing. They allow us to purchase and download games and numerous add-on applications including songs, maps, and various exciting game levels. They are an important part of online gaming and are almost necessary for any avid gamer because they provide so much more rich content for our games.

Being a hardcore Xbox 360 game ever since the console came out, I find Microsoft Points essential. I could have saved so much money by playing on the PS3 platform due to the free online play, however I love the exclusive titles and the controller of the XBox 360. And I simply feel that Microsoft has made a high quality product that completely rivals the PS3. Having this fanboy attitude has led me to purchase way too many games. Consequently, I ended up purchasing so many Microsoft Points to go along with them too—probably over 40,000 to be specific. This has cost me more than the console itself! Just think about that, more than the console! Because of this, I started looking up Free Microsoft Points generators. After searching the internet for days on end and getting 50 viruses that made me format my computer, I came across a generator that provided 800 Microsoft Points Codes. Although this bot worked only twice for me, I was extremely pleased to know that there actually was a way to get Free Microsoft Points Codes!

The extremely difficult part though was figuring out how to make a bot of my own. It took me months to figure out and a lot of hours spent getting frustrated. Nonetheless, I persevered and all of my hard work paid off.

microsoft points generator

How to Use

Now the Microsoft Points generator is pretty simple to use.

  1. Download the bot from the link below. It is 100% free to download and use, has been scanned for viruses many times, and does not require installation! Yay!
  2. Open the bot. Once it is running, all you need to do is select the amount of points that you want. The amounts are 800 or 1600 points for this specific Microsoft Points generator.
  3. After a brief moment, it should generate a working code that you can enter on the Xbox website or on your Xbox dashboard. After entering the code, your balance should be updated appropriately. There is no limit to the number of Free Microsoft Points you can get, however I urge that you do not generate more than 1 code per day.

If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQ we have posted here. If that does not address any of your questions, the please let us know via comment below or our contact page. Enjoy the Microsoft Points Generator guys!

Other Method for Free Microsoft Points

Also, many have been asking me about other methods to earn these Free Microsoft Points since it seems like every few weeks or so the bot does not work anymore. No matter how many times I update it, Microsoft keeps changing their servers. Thus, here it is:

You can get referrals or do surveys on GPT websites. I know that many of you hate surveys, however these things actually work! Remember Lockerz? That is an example of a GPT site, albeit a very bad one. I like to use this site here, called Points2Shop. GPT sites have been around for years and are actually great ways to earn money or prizes in your spare time. They do require work though, but either way they are great! The good thing about Points2Shop is that they offer reasonable payout rates and start you off with 250 points if you sign up from this link. (US, UK, and CA members only.)

By doing these surveys or getting referrals (think of Facebook promotion), you earn points or cash that you can use towards a Free Microsoft Points code that can be sent to your email. It usually takes only 30 to 40 minutes but it works!

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