Facebook Credits Generator

Facebook Credits Generator

Generate Free Facebook Credits

As many are aware, Facebook Credits is a form of currency used to purchase virtual items from the world’s most popular social networking platform. These items are in the form of games and applications or even gifts such as iTunes Gift Cards or Microsoft Points. Because most game developers have adopted this Facebook currency, they have become an integral part of every game. Unfortunately, many of these games have been made boring and short without these credits. This has left many wondering how to get Facebook Credits for free. I for one hate doing the surveys and downloads they offer as alternatives so I devised a plan. Since I am able to code programs quite well, I was able to make a bot that generated Facebook Credits on the fly! It took several months to figure out how to do this and I can imagine will only take several months to be shut down and found by Facebook. I had it to myself for a while, but then I decided to upload my Facebook Credits Generator for everyone.

free facebook credit generator

How to Use

  1. To begin, you need to download our free generator from the link below.  It is 100% virus-free and requires no installation.
  2. All you need to do is hit “generate.” From here, it will take approximately 20-30 seconds for you to see your code. Please keep in mind, however, that you can get only 5 codes per day.

Surprised that it does not need your account email or password? We aren’t! Everyone else that is claiming to have a working Facebook Credits generator is simply trying to steal your account information and even put a virus on your computer! All of our files are tested safe and have no other unwanted attachments.

Once a code is created ($15 worth of Facebook credits), you can redeem it on your account. Facebook Credits, as previously mentioned, can be used for Facebook games and apps such as Farmville and Dinner Dash or for gifts for your friends such as iTunes Gift Cards! Over 150 developers use Facebook credits in over 650 games and applications. If you play a lot of popular games then most likely they support Facebook Credits for making the experience more fun such as getting more content or additional levels. Just imagine if you could get all the items you wanted in your favorite game; no more waiting hours for a farm to generate! And don’t forget that you can send gifts to your friends. So why not send someone a gift card to Starbucks so they can enjoy a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate this winter!

We try to update our programs every month or so, however updates may be needed more often due to algorithmic changes made by the vendors—in this case Facebook. Thus, it is important to notify us if the bot is no longer functioning. We try our best to recode the bots but they cannot all be fixed. Sometimes they secure the system so well that these generators simply cannot work. Thus you need to take advantage of this opportunity while you can! But, why should you believe us?

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